Fall preparations

fall leaves

The fall is upon us and the office gets very busy this time of year. We would like to share a few seasonal suggestions that we hope you find helpful for maintaining optimal health. You may also want to look at our cold flu and protocols as well to stock your medicine cabinet.


•Stock up on bath salts, teas, supplements and medicines that you and/or your family members might need for the winter so that you have them on hand when they are needed. Below we are including our suggestions for immune strengthening and helpful remedies to have on hand in case of the onset of a cold or flu.

•If you like to garden, plant a winter garden of roots and greens, or plant garlic for harvest next summer. Sweet pea flowers planted now will get a good start and reward you with early color and lovely fragrance.

•Prepare your winter clothing and bed, this includes warmer bedding if you keep the house cool.

•Eliminate all sources of mold in your home.

•Make soups and freeze them or just stock up on your favorites.

•In the fall and winter months in our latitude, we cannot get enough UV light to make vitamin D from sunlight, even if we are outdoors a lot. So be sure to include plenty of Vitamin A and D rich foods, like cod liver oil, egg yolk ideally from pastured or free range chickens, and their free range livers. Vitamin D must be balanced with A for the body to utilize either appropriately. 

Please refer to our Cold and Flu Protocols!

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