Cold and flu Prevention Protocol

To prevent a flu/cold throughout the season you can use any or all of the following:

1.Homeopathic flu prevention. Influenzinum by Boiron (current year) 3 pellets daily for 2 weeks at the start of the flu season then once a week throughout the season. Or try Dolixol. Both are available at health food pharmacies.

2. Immune strengthening herbs and mushrooms 

Jade windscreen tablet 2 – 2x daily during the flu season

Eat cooked shitake, enoki and/or maitake mushrooms regularly (at least twice a week) 

Take a mushroom tincture (like mycoforte or mycopotent immune) or tablets. Or use Host Defense (by New Chapter) one cap twice a day or 30 drops a day of tincture.

3.  Take Colostrum capsules 1 or 2 - twice daily

4.  Use Cod Liver Oil 1 teaspoon per 50lbs. body weight per day. If using our high vitamin        cod liver oil (Blue ice) use 1/2 teaspoon per 50 pounds of body weight.


At the very first sign of a flu or cold choose 3 or 4 of the following suggestions.  If you find that one method isn’t doing anything for you switch to another.

  1. 1.Vitamin C 1000mg every 1-2 hours.  Decrease the frequency if you get an upset stomach 

    or loose stools. Dr. Shapiro’s favorite is LypoSpheric C - 1 packet every 1-2 hours. Aslo, it is recommneded not to use a lot of buffered Vitamin C. If you prefer buffered, take no more than 5 per day.

2.  Ossilococcinum or Engystol are two similar homeopathic flu remedies.  You can get Ossilococcinum at health food stores and pharmacies.  Engystol is available at our office.  

The dose for engystol is 1 – 2 tabs under your tongue every 1 – 2 hours for 2 – 3 days or until symptoms are gone. For ossilococcinum, follow directions on the box.

3.  Mycelized Vitamin A  (do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding)

Take 10 drops orally twice daily for 3 – 7 days.  Do not use this longer than 10 days per month even if the flu develops. 

4.  Take Viracid 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day. Don’t use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Viracid is available at our office.

5.  Yin Qiao tincture or tablets

Take 2 – 3 tabs every 3 – 4 hours for 2 days 

Or  1/2 teaspoon every 3 – 4 hours for 2 – 3 days

6.  Garlic “shots

Finely chop one clove of garlic and put in a small cup.  Add juice of one whole lemon and  1/8- 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  Drink it down fast! Chase with water if needed.  Do this 2 – 3 times per day for 1 – 2 days, or until your symptoms are gone.

7.    Add Congaplex (Standard process) 2 tablets 4 times daily

If flu sets in, try the following:

Viracid 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day

Mycelized Vitamin A (see above)

Zhong Gan Ling tablets (follow dose on box) or tincture (1/2 tsp 4x/day)

Vitamin C 1000mg every 1-3 hours

Congaplex 2 tablets 4 times daily

Or come in for a visit


We carry almost all of the above-mentioned products.  Some of them can be bought at local health food stores or pharmacies like Pharmaca.

If you need specific advice to address your particular symptoms, please schedule a visit by calling us at 510-525-2200.

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