Cold and Flu Prevention Protocol

To help prevent a flu/cold throughout the season you can use any or all of the following:

1.Homeopathic flu prevention. Influenzinum by Boiron (current year) 3 pellets daily for 2 weeks at the start of the flu season then once a week throughout the season. Or try Dolixol. Both are available at health food pharmacies.


  • Immune strengthening herbs and mushrooms, which can include Chaga tea from chunks, host defense 2 daily or transfer factor multi immune two daily (if really run down two twice daily)
  • Jade windscreen tablet 2 – 2x daily during the flu season
  • Eat cooked shitake, enoki and/or maitake mushrooms regularly (at least twice a week) 
  • Take a mushroom tincture (like mycoforte or mycopotent immune) or tablets. Or use Host Defense (by New Chapter) one cap twice a day or 30 drops a day of tincture.
  • Drink Chaga Tea which is made from a firm fungus chunk - sold here at the office
  • Elderberry tea, tincture or syrup 

3.   Colostrum  (IGg Protect) capsules 1 or 2 - twice daily

4. Take plenty of vitamin D with K2. Most adults need at least 2000iu per day of D and at least 90mg of K2, and many adults need quite a bit more for example 5000-10,000 iu per day is not uncommon. Doctor Shapiro is happy to order a vitamin D test if needed.Or for D and A, use Cod Liver Oil 1 teaspoon per 50lbs. body weightper day. If using out high vitamin cod liver oil (Blue Ice) use 1/2 teaspoon per 50 lbs. of body weight.  

5. Take zinc 30mg daily (Ideally test zinc level in blood first to assess need) . For a food source, nuts and oysters are both high in zinc


At the very first sign of a flu or cold choose 3 or 4 of the following suggestions.  If you find that one method isn’t doing anything for you switch to another.

For a “cold” cold which means feeling chilled, copious clear mucous, no fever- warming herbs like ginger tea, turmeric and chai without the caffeine can really help. Garlic shots are good for either a "cold” cold or a “hot” cold

For a "hot” cold which means mild or low grade fever, maybe some body aches, yellowish thicker mucous, then use decongestant teas like mullein and elecampane tincture and a spoon of honey (if over 1 year old) to thin mucous and some apple cider vinegar in water.

1.Vitamin C 1000mg every 1-2 hours.  Decrease the frequency if you get an upset stomach or loose stools.)  Dr. Shapiro’s favorites are LypoSpheric C - 1 packet every 1-2 hours or liquid liposomal C from designs for health 1 teaspoon every 1-2 hours at first until feeling better.  (Liposomal C is much more well absorbed than capsules, Also, it is recommneded not to use a lot of buffered Vitamin C. If you prefer buffered, (which can be gentler on digestion) take no more than 5 1000mg capsules per day.

2.  Ossilococcinum homeopathic flu remedies.

3.  Mycelized Vitamin A  (do not take if you are pregnant or breast feeding)

Take 10 drops orally twice daily for 3 – 7 days.  Do not use this longer than 10 days per month even if the flu develops. 

4.  Viracid 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day. Don’t use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Viracid is available at our office.

5.  Yin Qiao tincture or tablets - Take 2 – 3 tabs every 3 – 4 hours for 2 days 

Or  1/2 teaspoon every 3 – 4 hours for 2 – 3 days

6.  Garlic “shots

Finely chop one clove of garlic and put in a small cup.  Add juice of one whole lemon and  1/8- 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  Drink it down fast! Chase with water if needed.  Do this 2 – 3 times per day for 1 – 2 days, or until your symptoms are gone.

7.   Add Congaplex (Standard process) 2 tablets 4 times daily

8. Zinc lozenges 2-3  times daily for a few days

8.  Chamomile tea or if congestion steam with chamomile essential oil blend (not for children under 5 or people allergic to chamomile) 

9. Stay hydrated! Lots of teas, chicken or veggie broth. 

10. REST!!!!

If flu sets in, try the following:

Viracid 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day orCongaplex 2 tablets 4 times daily

Zinc lozenges one three times daily 

Mycelized Vitamin A (see above)

Zhong Gan Ling tablets (follow dose on box) or tincture (1/2 tsp 4x/day)

Vitamin C 1000mg every 1-3 hours, liposomal is best

Quercetin 500mg twice daily or quercetin phytosome one twice daily

Or schedule for a visit and we will customize support for your symptomatic relief


We carry almost all of the above-mentioned products.  Some of them can be bought at local health food stores or pharmacies like Pharmaca.

If you need specific advice to address your particular symptoms, please schedule a visit by calling or emailing us at 510-525-2200 and

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