Staying Healthy, Peaceful, and Positive:

Dr. Shapiro’s heart centered advice about Coronavirus

Updated 3-13-20

Please note,  If you feel sick: 

Please do not come to our office to be evaluated. We do not have test kits or the facilities to isolate you. 

Remember that chances are that you do not have Coronavirus , you could have a cold, or the flu, there are still less than 2000 cases in the US.

If necessary get tested for coronavirus at an emergency room

Remeber that it has been a bad flu regular season,  according to the CDC.  As of February 22nd, there were at least 18,000 deaths from the regular flu in the US and at least 310,000 hospitalizations.  Like Coronavirus, most of those deaths were in the elderly, especially  those with underlying health conditions, and the very young.

Typically the flu will not flourish in warmer weather, so we only have 2-3 more weeks of  regular flu season ahead.  Hopefully this will prove true for coronavirus as well.

General Advice

In any outbreak, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones and support your community.

Support your immune system:


Avoid sugar!  Viruses, and apparently especially coronaviruses, thrive on sugars.

Ditto for deep fat fried foods and unhealthy oils like trans fats and excess alcohol. Try to keep your system clean.

Eat lots of lactofermented foods to support your microbiome, unless these provoke a histamine reaction in you. If they do so, then avoid them for now, and use a probiotic supplement high in lactobacillus plantarum instead. Think of your microbiome as an extension of your immune system which it is! If you cannot or do not eat lots of lactofermented foods, then consider taking a good quality probiotic.

Include Turmeric and ginger regularly if you do well with them, to lower inflammation

Think good thoughts:

Try not to worry and certainly do not panic. Breathe, meditate, connect with your heart. I am attaching my heart centered breathing exercises at the end of this post. Consider joining a group meditation like the one Mingtong Gu is hosting now (free)

You might send love out to people who are suffering with this, from your heart to theirs.

Avoid focusing on things that scare you, fear is disempowering and does not help you stay healthy. It provides no benefit. Instead celebrate what you love, focus on what you appreciate.

Enjoy Life:

Laughter is fantastic for your immune system. Try to laugh daily, watch silly movies, read funny stories.

Spend time in sunlight, let the sunlight shine on your eyes/eyelids

Connect with the earth. Be outside, barefoot on grass or seated on earth (or even cement) at least 15 minutes a day, more if you have the time

End your showers with 30 or more seconds of cold water (obviously not if you are sick)

Supplements to consider:

Lypo C: one packet 2-3 times daily for prevention, and every 2-3 hours if ill, or feel you may be coming down with something.

Zinc capsules: one daily plus, open into mouth ¼ a capsule a couple of times daily, or if you can get zinc lozenges even better, but they are currently hard to find.

Also Possible Immune support and hopefully prevention supplements:

Chaga mushrooms 2 twice daily  And/or Host defense 2 twice daily And/or transfer factor multi immune 2 twice daily.

D3 5000iu per day

Vitamin A is also an excellent antiviral 10,000 iu per day for up to 14 days, or 5000 three times a week ongoing, and 50,000 iu daily for 7 days at the first sign of any virus.

Some Things and Possible Supplements specific to Coronavirus

One aspect of Coronavirus that makes it different from other infections is the hyper activation of immune response called "Cytokine Storm". This was recognized over 10 years ago with the Asian Swine Flu and the original SARS outbreak. Its a kind of infection induced Auto-Immune response, so the normal therapies used for the flu and fevers have to be looked at very carefully. 

Wikipedia - Cytokine Release Syndrome

Avoid Tylenol, acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.

On the other hand, antihistamines, both natural and pharmaceutical, may be of value

Reduce cytokines 

one choice from this group for support of prevention and a couple of choices for support of treatment in known positive cases:

Green tea phytisone or green tea beverage: one twice daily or more (green tea was tested during SARS  outbreak and found in one study to reduce mortality 85%).

Black tea: one cup twice daily or more

Quercetin: 1 twice daily, or host defense 1 twice daily

Turmeric supplement (Some good form of turmeric like Turiva or Cura Pro or Meriva or Inflammablox or NrF2 accelerator (this one is more of broad based antioxidant):  one twice daily with food.

Garlic or allicilin: one twice daily (also excellent antiviral)

Vitamin E: one daily

Coconut oil: coat mouth with a bit a few times daily, and use in foods

Resveratrol: one twice daily (eg resveratrol supreme)

Other generally supportive:

Oregano Oil (excellent general antiviral)

Any of these antivirals (you may already be on one): olive leaf, monolaurin, licorice root (not if high blood pressure), ginger tea, fresh garlic chopped which sits on the cutting board at least 5 minutes, lemon juice, bee propolis, breathing essential oils especially lavender, citrus, eucalyptus radiata (not regular eucalyptus-too drying), chamomile, ravintsara

Selenium 200mcg: one daily

Perhaps ossilococcinum if flu symptoms

NAC: support lungs and glutathione production 900mg one daily, helps body clear debris

Avoid for now:

Avoid elderberry, honey, chlorella, spirulina, chocolate, (minimize), echinacea as these can increase cytokines. This is not for certain, but best avoided until there is more clarity on whether or not they would help or hinder

Nitric oxide testing:

Nitric oxide is essential in a healthy immune response. If it is low people can have reduced ability to fight viruses and enhanced inflammatory responses. It is one of our most important antioxidants to quell free radicals and kill invading bacteria and viruses

We can mail you test strips and a brochure explaining how to measure your nitric oxide levels. Add Berkeley Life Professional Nitric oxide booster if depleted or low, especially if hypertension, or cardiac issues or over 60 years old. 2 daily after a meal. Discuss use first with Dr. Shapiro, if you are taking Viagra or Cialis

Heart Centered Breathing Exercises:

a. Breathe in through the top of your head and out through your heart (breastbone). Do at least 3 breaths.

b. Then, breathe in through your heart, and out through your solar plexus (upper abdomen/stomach). You can also go back and forth: in through heart out through solar plexus, then in through solar plexus, out through heart. Do at least 6 breaths.

Include a word as you breathe if you like. A word that is soothing like peace, joy, freedom, love, or ease can be especially helpful. Breathe that word in and breathe it out.

c. Then Breathe in through your heart and out through your lower abdomen (below the navel).  Do at least 3 breaths

d. Then get into a thought that when you think of it gives you joy. Something that gives you “falling in love feelings.”   Bask in that, enjoy at least 30-60 seconds

Breaths can be normal, or slightly deeper than normal. They do not have to be very deep.

Stay healthy!  


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