General Office Information

For our new patients and for our regular patients who are unaware, we would like to let everyone know some of the general office policies.  We ask for your understanding and assistance with these policies in the hopes that we might better provide you with a calm and serene atmosphere.

Please give us 48 hours (2 business days) notice for all cancellations.

Every patient should have a primary care provider. Dr. Shapiro is not a primary care physician.  She does not maintain hospital privileges, and sometimes is out of town and not in contact with us for a week or so.  In the unfortunate event that you need emergency care we want you to be taken care of, and this is best achieved by establishing a relationship as a patient with a doctor that you could see if Dr. Shapiro is unavailable.

Our priority is to take care of the patients who are being seen by Dr. Shapiro during each day.  It can often take a bit of time to get the required supplements, lab requisitions, and necessary paperwork together for the patient who is exiting, as well as tending to the needs of incoming patients.  Please be patient with us as we tend to these people in order that you may receive the same level of care when you have your next appointment!

Requests for copies of receipts, lab reports, medical records, special forms, etc. will be fulfilled within a week or less, but usually cannot be done immediately. 

Similarly, please call us for prescription refill requests with plenty of time before you actually need it.  We can usually call or fax these in within a day, but if Dr. Shapiro is out of town, or there is a problem with the prescription on the pharmacy end, it can delay the process considerably, potentially jeopardizing your well-being.  We will do our best to accommodate you, but it is your responsibility to contact us well in advance of when you need it. 

It is our general policy to contact you after your lab reports have come in and Dr. Shapiro has seen and commented on them.  We will call you even if your lab reports are normal, hoorah!

Sometimes there are not new patient appointments available for a month or so, but  if we are full, new patients who need to be seen sooner can often be accommodated on a cancellation wait list if they are flexible about scheduling.  Please use common sense when referring people to our office, and consider whether it might be better to call an urgent care center or the emergency advice nurse at a hospital.

When you want to get refills:

Plan ahead!!  We love it when you call ahead or better yet, email us with your supplement requests a day or two in advance.  This gives us lead-time to fill your order, let you know (if possible) if we are out of something, and get it all ready for you for when you arrive.  Email address:

Many people bring a list of what they know they want to refill before their appointment with Dr. Shapiro and hand it to a staff person in advance.  This is very helpful, thank you!!

If you call, please leave a detailed message with your request and speak your name and phone number clearly and slowly. 

If you have phoned or emailed an order with us prior to your appointment, please remind us when you arrive so that we do not unknowingly fill the order again.


If you cannot call or email orders ahead, or you forget, please be mindful of the fact that we may not be able to assist you immediately when you come into the office.  

Thank you for working with us.  We truly do want to provide you with a place where you can feel cared for and healthy!

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